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Your trust is crucial to us at LuminAI Academics. To ensure our operations are as transparent as possible, we've outlined all necessary disclosures under the Specified Commercial Transaction Act in Japan on this page. This includes our pricing structure, accepted payment methods, delivery times, and more. Explore below to learn more about how we work.

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1. Contact Information

Legal Name: Alejandro Rocha
Address: We will disclose without delay if requested.
Phone number: +81 080 9719 3908
Email address: [email protected], [email protected]
Head of Operations: Alejandro Rocha

2. Pricing

The consideration for the services provided by Luminai Academics are detailed on the specific service offering pages of the website. Each service has its own price, which can be found under the respective service offering. The following are the general types of plans offered, inclusive of Japanese consumption tax (currently 10%):

  1. The Essential plan, priced at 5500¥ per month, provides integrated practice for all subjects, both text and handwriting interfaces for Math, comprehensive subject coverage, customizable scheduling, and detailed weekly progress reports.
  2. The Advanced plan, priced at 11000¥ per month, includes all the features of the Essential plan, in addition to AI-powered tutoring, and speech interfaces.
  3. The Deluxe plan, priced at 33000¥ per month, includes all the features of the Advanced plan, along with infinite SAT practice, expert human tutoring, weekly group classes, priority support, and a personalized onboarding session.
  4. The Elite plan, priced at 55000¥ per month, includes all the features of the Deluxe plan, as well as expert one-on-one consultations.
If the specific service you are interested in does not align with one of these plans, LuminAI Academics offers customizable plans to suit the diverse needs of our students. For more information about custom plans, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

3. Additional Fees

Unless specified otherwise during the payment process, all fees are inclusive of applicable taxes. Delivery of our online services does not incur any additional charges. For the complimentary drawing tablets provided to certain clients, shipping charges may apply and will be clearly communicated during the process.

4. Exchanges & Returns Policy

Due to the nature of our tutoring services, we are unable to offer exchanges or returns. We strive to provide the highest level of satisfaction and encourage clients to reach out to us directly with any concerns.

5. Delivery Times

Our services are delivered virtually, on a schedule agreed upon with the client at the time of booking. The complimentary drawing tablets for certain clients will be shipped promptly upon completion of the service booking, with delivery times varying based on location.

6. Accepted Payment Methods

We accept Visa and Mastercard payments through our secure payment processing partner, Stripe.

7. Payment Period

Payment is due at the time of booking for all services.

8. Application Period

Our services can be booked at any time via our website. Availability may vary based on demand. Contact [email protected] for details.

9. Available Quantity

As our services are primarily tutoring services delivered virtually, there is no limit for AI tutoring or practice problems online, though human tutoring sessions may be limited by personal availability and scheduling.

10. Operating Environment

Our virtual tutoring services require a stable internet connection and a device capable of video conferencing (if engaging with human tutor; not required for website access). Specific requirements may vary based on the service and will be clearly communicated to clients during the booking process. While our services can be accessed on mobile devices via a web browser, please note that our platform is optimized for desktop use for the best user experience.


In our dedication to transparency and providing the best customer experience, we strive to make our policies clear and understandable. If you have any questions or concerns about the information presented here, or require further clarification on any point, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our team is always ready to assist and provide the information you need.


1. 連絡先

法的名前: ロッチャ・アレハンドロ
住所: 要求があれば遅滞なく開示します。
電話番号: +81 080 9719 3908
メールアドレス: [email protected], [email protected]
オペレーションの責任者: ロッチャ・アレハンドロ

2. 料金

Luminai Academicsが提供するサービスの対価は、ウェブサイトの特定のサービス提供ページに詳しく記載されています。各サービスにはそれぞれの価格があり、各サービスの提供欄に記載されています。以下は、日本の消費税(現在10%)が含まれている一般的なプランのタイプです:

  1. エッセンシャルプランは、月額5500円で、すべての科目に対する統合された練習、数学のテキストと手書きインターフェイス、包括的な科目カバレッジ、カスタマイズ可能なスケジューリング、詳細な週間進捗レポートが提供されます。
  2. アドバンスプランは、月額11000円で、エッセンシャルプランの全機能に加えて、AIによるチュータリング、音声インターフェイスが提供されます。
  3. デラックスプランは、月額33000円で、アドバンスプランの全機能に加えて、無限のSAT練習、専門の人間によるチュータリング、週間グループクラス、優先サポート、パーソナライズされたオンボーディングセッションが提供されます。
  4. エリートプランは、月額55000円で、デラックスプランの全機能に加えて、専門の1対1のコンサルテーションが提供されます。
特定のサービスがこれらのプランのいずれにも合致しない場合、LuminAI Academicsは学生の多様なニーズに合わせたカスタムプランを提供します。カスタムプランに関する詳細は、弊社のお問い合わせページからお問い合わせください。

3. 追加料金


4. 交換と返品ポリシー


5. 配送時間


6. 受け付ける支払い方法


7. 支払い期間


8. 申込期間

弊社のサービスは、ウェブサイトを通じていつでも予約できます。利用可能な時間は需要により変動する場合があります。詳細については、[email protected]までご連絡ください。

9. 利用可能な数量


10. 動作環境



弊社の方針を明確かつ理解しやすくすること、そして最高の顧客体験を提供することに尽力しています。ここに掲載された情報について何か質問や懸念がある場合、または何か点についてさらに詳しく知りたい場合は、どうか遠慮なく[email protected]までお問い合わせください。弊社のチームは常に援助を提供し、必要な情報を提供するために準備ができています。

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We're here to help you on your learning journey. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're available through email, phone, or our contact form.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +81 080 9719 3908

Location: 4-chōme-12-8 第6 DMJ Building 4F Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032

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