What's Included in the Essential Plan?


LuminAI Academics stands unrivaled as the sole tutoring institution offering unlimited access to AI Tutoring, AI Art Creation, and practice for all Non-SAT subjects. Our AI-driven platform generates an inexhaustible supply of practice questions, empowering students to master every aspect of the prestigious exam.

As the world's only provider of more than the official three released practice tests for the Digital SAT, LuminAI Academics' preparation program is truly unparalleled. We offer unlimited textbook access for all Non-SAT subjects and text and handwriting interfaces. Our sophisticated approach surpasses even that of Khan Academy, solidifying LuminAI Academics as the ultimate choice for securing your student's admission to their top-choice institution.

We know our clientele demand nothing less than the absolute best for their children. Rest assured that LuminAI Academics is the epitome of academic support. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering an environment where young minds can flourish.

Write Anything By Hand

Transcending the limitations of traditional keyboard input, LuminAI Academics introduces an intuitive way to write anything by hand, including complex math equations. The tactile connection to the subject matter enables students to more easily grasp and master complex concepts and makes for a learning experience that isn't just more natural, but more effective. Included in every plan, this handwriting ability is a testament to our dedication to innovative and real-world solutions.

Lumie isn't your average chatbot. The instantaneous recognition of your handwriting opens doors to more intuitive and free-flowing interactions between the student and the AI tutor. By bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical execution, it creates a more personal connection that mimics the traditional classroom experience.

Explore Learning at Your Pace

At LuminAI Academics, we understand that learning is a personal journey, and students may have varying interests and needs within a subject. That's why we have introduced a flexible and intuitive way to engage with our digital textbooks, applicable across all subjects and topics.

Whether you're diving into the history of Rome, exploring the complexities of calculus, or delving into literary analysis, our unique interface allows you to choose the depth of exploration. You can select a tree icon for a broad overview, a branch for a closer look at specific segments, or a leaf for an immersive experience into detailed aspects. This seamless navigation empowers you to align your learning with your curiosity and objectives across various fields.

This system doesn't just simplify your learning experience; it elevates it. Whether you want to quickly grasp the key points or explore a topic exhaustively, these customized reading paths are designed with you in mind. They enable you to bypass what's familiar and dive into what's fascinating, crafting a learning experience that's as unique and dynamic as you are.

Unlock Your Creativity with AI Art

At LuminAI Academics, education goes beyond rote memorization and standardized tests. We believe in nurturing creativity and personal growth by providing cutting-edge tools that allow students to explore the artistic possibilities of AI.

With our user-friendly platform, generating AI art becomes a safe, beautiful, and easy experience. We invite students to embark on a journey of self-discovery and innovation, tapping into the vast creative potential that modern technology offers. The artistic process is no longer confined to traditional mediums; our advanced AI capabilities open doors to new and breathtaking forms of expression. Our commitment to fostering creativity ensures that students not only excel academically but thrive as innovative and well-rounded individuals.

Lumina's AI Art Gallery

Lumie Corrects You in Real-Time

In the dynamic world of learning, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. With LuminAI Academics, students can now practice math problems ranging from Prealgebra to Calculus, and Lumie, our advanced AI, will correct them in real-time. As students work through each problem, Lumie analyzes their solutions line by line, swiftly identifying any mistakes.

This real-time feedback revolutionizes the learning process, eliminating the frustration of long and painstaking practice where a minor typo can derail understanding. Lumie not only identifies the incorrect lines but also explains what went wrong, providing an immediate learning opportunity. This intelligent, responsive system fosters a smarter, faster, and more effective way to learn. It empowers students to master complex math topics with confidence, knowing that they have immediate support and guidance at every step of their learning journey.

What's Included in the Advanced Plan?

Everything in the Essential Plan, Plus...

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What's Included in the Elite Plan?

Everything in the Essential and Advanced Plans, Plus...

One-on-One Tutoring

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